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Tourist arrivals to Co To island surged 66.7% in 2016

1/5/2017 2:50:00 PM

QNP - The number of tourists to Co To went up by 66.7 percent year on year to 300,000 in 2016, reported by the People’s Committee of Co To district.

The charming beauty of Co To island

 In 2016, the district earned VND 250 billion from tourism services.

The tourism sector also generated jobs for 1,000 direct labors and 2,000 indirect ones.

In order to improve the quality of tourist products and services, Co To issued the code of conduct for individuals and organizations living and working in the district. Under the code, Co To expected locals, tourists and organizations to have behaviors that conform to norms such as polite attitude and behavior in public areas, respect for the rights of others, environmental protection, protection of cultural relics, etc.

The district also plan took a series of measures to sustainably develop its tourism sector such as investing in tourist infrastructure systems, carrying out projects to protect the sea’s environment and creating more tourist products and tourist sites, etc.

Especially, on July 15, 2016, Co To island district was announced to be a local tourism site and foreign tourists could freely visit the border island. This policy resulted in impressive breakthrough of Co To tourism.

In the Tonkin Gulf region, Co To Island is the farthest inhabited island from the mainland. Over the past few years, Co To's rustic beauty has attracted small groups of tourists who are seeking adventure and do not care about hotels and organized tours. As an important part of Ha Long Bay, the islands of Co To feature unmatched natural beauty that is undamaged by human intervention and far from the noises and dusts of the urbanization.

Visitors to the islands cannot help but become absorbed by the fantastic, unspoilt beaches. The smooth white sand of the beaches under the shining sunlight creates a peaceful, romantic setting for visitors. Take a walk on the romantic beaches, bath in the blue water, go fishing and seeing coral reefs from aboard a ship. The island is also where you can hike, bike and scuba dive in the deep blue waters./.

Translated by Phuong Loan